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updated on 30 March 2019


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Batley College Has the most uninspiring staff I have ever encountered, its not just the external building thats shoddy its the teaching methods too. Tutors at Batley test collaborating two subjects into one on students without communication between tutors and ultimately resulting in classes having overall low grades and learning very little. Batley fails to recognise true potential in its students resulting in over 50% of classes leaving of their own accord, when I left I was attaining some of the highest grades in my class but struggled to see eye to eye when it came to teachers stopping learning to gossip about other students or tutors not taking responsibility when their lack of communication lead to methods being taught incorrectly.Tutors at batley do not respect a work ethnic in their pupils and do not appreciate pupils having part time work to pay for expensive items the college had stopped providing due to lack of funding. The teachers at batley solely blame their pupils "lack of passion" for such shocking numbers dropping out and I would like to make the college aware leaving was the best decision I ever made, I now have a job as a senior field visual merchandiser in a fashion background and I got there from scratch, the only thing the college was good for was babysitting till I was old enough to find decent payed work. It has also taught me the importance of listening to keep people that work under me happy and to take immediate responsibility if something goes wrong rather that just passing the blame to the easiest candidate. Batley told me when I left I would struggle in work life because I knew where I wanted to go, this has actually given me an advantage when going for higher roles as I find it helps you manage your team better when you know what your working towards.
#shoddy building# shoddy teaching methods
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